klangBilder: Austria’s International Audio Show in Vienna

klangBilder, established in 2002, is famous for the musical atmosphere, combining newest audio technologies with entertaining artist’s presentations and discoveries of fine wines and live music after work.

Vienna is still one of the world’s greatest metropoles of music; so klangBilder wanted to show from the beginnings how fascinating exquisite music reproduction can be and how important to know the people behind. Behind art, behind recording, behind the product.

We were the first to demonstrate on a consumer fair the acoustic difference between a legendary Boesendorfer fortepiano from 1828 to the newest digital concert grand of that firm. We compared CDs and Vinyls in different pressings, and asked artists, who were bringing their newest recordings, about their life in concert halls and in studios.

Our international partners of the studio scene were providing us with the newest developments in Multi-Channel for music and film. The Viennese music-lovers are blessed, to have heard at the klangBilder show even master recordings. Analogue was kept during all the years in high esteem, and so it paid off, when everybody startet the analogue train new….

To be the best and most atmospheric show for music connoisseurs in Europe, is still our goal, and we happy with the positive feedback each year.

In our new program we are promoting HIGH DEFINITION SOUND & VISION and include additional arts, like painting and photography, and new culinary delights, like finest wines from Vienna and Lower Austria.

Vienna, once the Centre of the Hapsburg Monarchy with nearly 70 Million inhabitants, is still the cultural and economic hotspot for all countries in the neighbourhood: The Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and – naturally – Germany (although we regularly have exhibitors and engineers from the Netherlands, Italy, France, UK, Japan, ….). Networking in Vienna is relaxed and easy.

In this city You also will find the most pleasant and the most critical audience, trained in acoustical venues like the world-famous Musikverein or the State Opera.

The well-known congress venue Arcotel Kaiserwasser, on the banks of the "Blue Danube", is eight Metro-minutes away from the heart of the City, the gothic Cathedral St. Stephen’s, the Musikverein (for many music-lovers still one of the finest hall acoustics in the world), the famous State Opera House, the pittoresque streets with their noble palaces, where Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Mahler, Strauß and later Schoenberg, Gershwin, Harnoncourt, Zawinul, Maazel, Karajan, Kleiber, Gulda, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Falco and Parov Stelar were living and walking around.

Our musical guests come from over the world and are interested in hi-fi too. To name a few of our stars from the worlds of Jazz and Classics: Mischa Maisky, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Daniel Hope, The Janoska Ensemble, Elisabeth Kulman, Dorothee Oberlinger, Hans Theessink, Roland Batik, Markus Schirmer, Lina Ben Tur, Rico Gulda, Yuri Revich, Elena Denisova, Donka Angatscheva, Eduard and Johannes Kutrowatz, Prince Zeka, Matheus, Remy Ballot, Maria Radutu, Hang Over, Trombone Attraction, and about 100 musicians more...

Tradition with innovative ideas. klangBilder can already count on 20 successful shows in a city, which is buzzing daily with cultural events, and our more than 3000 visitors are often happy, to upgrade their equipment during these three adventurous days before X-Mas.

Making music-lovers happy and letting them hear different ways to their own ideal sound world, is one of our goals. We deliver the illusion of being there, in a concert or in a club, to experience the emotion of the music – even, if it’s not live. We are convinced, that High Fidelity must be heard, to be appreciated and therefore the acoustical connection to the consumer is still indispensable.