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Get your system’s real sound

Neotech Hook-Up Wires (HUW) represent a new, universal cable category in the High End cable field.

You can use them in many kind of hifi electronics, loudspeakers etc.

HUW’s are great choice for DIY purposes or professional hifi manufacturers. All Hook-up wires are made from extreme pure, monocrystallized OCC Copper or OCC Silver. You can find your option within a wide selection from 30AWG to 12 AWG, solid or stranded versions.

  • Efficient component for re-cabling any internal wires of high end audio devices and speakers.
  • Various diameter options available with a cross-section range from 30 AWG (0,05 mm2) to 12 AWG (3,3 mm2).
  • Available with PVC or Teflon insulation (Silver HUWs come only with Teflon insulation)

Can RCA plugs make the sound better?

We get this question regularly. Based on all the feedback from our customers and experience gained in the past years, we designed three new RCA plugs. And will these make your system sound better? Well, definitely! - as they quite superior in maintaining less signal loss than any basic-type RCA plugs!

RP-80GT RCA Plug – NEW!

  • Pure copper with direct gold plating - no nickel interlay
  • Non-magnetic construction and materials
  • Reduced amount of metal
  • Aluminium barrel
  • For cable up to 8,5 mm diam.

RP-85GT/ST RCA Plug – NEW!

  • Pure copper with direct gold (or silver) plating - no nickel interlay.
  • Non-magnetic construction and materials
  • Screw-type assembly
  • Slanted pin with optimized shape to fit into all RCA sockets
  • For cable up to 9,5 mm diam.


Finetune your headphones with Neotech®cables

Sometimes your headphone cable brakes. Or the dog chews it. Or you just need a shorter or longer cable than what was in the package. But can a headphone cable improve the sound? If you look at Neotech’s new NECH-3001 headphone cable, the answer is Yes.

Under it’s lightweight and flexible skin, four Litz-type (which reduces the impact of the skin effect) stranded conductors carry the signal. This construction allows to assemble „balanced type” headphone cables. Balanced drive cables are getting popular for example in DAP players and with high-end desktop headphone amplifiers.

You don’t have to be an audiophile to hear the difference. Based on customer feedback, NECH-3001 sounds great. It gives transparency to the stage and refines dynamic details, it also helps to separate bass levels from upper frequencies. NECH-3001 can be assembled to work with many hifi headphones (e.g. AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, etc.).

  • Available in any lenghts
  • Litz-type OCC copper conductors with PVC insulation
  • Thin, light and flexible construction
  • Great upgrade from almost any standard headphone cable