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Taga Harmony Platinum F-100

Wir präsentieren Ihnen aus der Platinum-Serie die F-100 außergewöhnliche, glitzernde Echtholzfurniere oder Hochglanz-Klavierlack.

Perfekter reiner, transparenter und natürlicher Klang!

Formschöne Gehäuse mit idealen Proportionen.

Raising the bar!

Our award-winning and highly acclaimed flagship floorstanding model of the Platinum SE series has been revised and introduced in a new version. The second edition of the Platinum F-100 SE provides even better sound performance offering unbeatable value to performance ratio much beyond its price level!

We have once again raised the bar by incorporating significant constructional changes which affected the sound performance.

Now you will love the F-100 SE v.2 even more…


Taga Harmony AZURE v.2

The taste of Côte d'Azur - redefined!

The name of the series was inspired by the French Riviera, which stretches over a hundred kilometers of coastline where the beautiful colored Mediterranean Sea closes in around amazing cliffs, sandy beaches and exquisite resorts.

The AZURE emphasizes speakers sound character, which is like sea's breeze powerful and gentle at the same time, and gives the joy of listening like watching azure color of the Mediterranean Sea.

The design of the new AZURE v.2 series is elegant, awesome and stylish, so there is no doubt that TAGA Harmony speakers can shine like stars in the backdrop of famous and luxurious resorts of the French Riviera.



HTA-2500B dual-mono 2 x 200W design utilizes 2 high-performance 12AX7-T PSVANE Treasure Mark II vacuum tubes in the preamp section serving as a buffer amplifier and 6 pairs of high-power Sanken transistors (2SC4468/2SA1695) in the output. 

The HTA-2500B combines the best of both worlds -  soft and analog-like sound character provided by tubes and adding to that high dynamics and power of transistors.

2 toroidal transformers with total output of 1200W (600W per channel) provide large amounts of clean power, high voltage stability and very low AC ripple current. This reflects in higher dynamics and extra pure energy and greater abilities to properly drive very demanding and powerful speakers.


SA System Audio

Kabellose Lautsprecher

SA legend 60 silverback fulfill the music lovers dream of greater sound experiences.

It doesn't have much in common with a normal loudspeaker. 4 built-in amplifiers with a total power of 560 Watts and a frequency response to 17 Hz tell in their own way that this is something special.

The combination of digital signal processing and stunning acoustic craftsmanship enable SA legend 60 silverback to meet challenges where traditional loudspeakers give up.