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Bert van der Wolf ist einer der Vordenker in der Studioszene. Seine Aufnahmen werden für ihre Transparenz und Plastizität und auch für ihre Klangfarben gerühmt. Er startete 1996 mit den ersten 96/24-, dann 192/24-Aufnahme, war auch Mitentwickler des achtkanaligen DSD-Recorders, mit dem viele SACD-Aufnahmen entstanden.

Das Setup der Mikrofone basiert auf Berts eigenem Matrix-System; die Neunkanaligkeit („Auro 3D“) – also vier Höhenkanäle zusätzlich zu üblichem Surround – werden durch spezielle Grenzflächen-Mikrofone abgenommen. Das Datenvolumen für neun Kanäle passt zwar nicht mehr auf eine SACD, dafür aber auf Blu-ray-Audio oder Downloads, und Bert bietet auf seiner Webseite www.thespiritofturtle.com Fünfkanalaufnahmen in DXD-Auflösung (352,8 kHz/24 Bit) an.

Hier seine Biographie in englischer Sprache:

Bert van der Wolf is a practicing recording engineer/producer (& tennis trainer) based in The Netherlands and has run his own audio recording facility since 1996. He trained in Electronics at the Higher Technical School in Enschede (NL) from 1982 to 1985, served in the army a year and after that studied and practiced Music Recording, Piano and Classical Guitar at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague (NL), where he gained the internationally recognized “Tonmeister” qualification in 1990. He worked for the Dutch recording companies Channel Classics from 1989 to 1996 and Kompas CD Multimedia from 1996 to 2000, producing and engineering several hundred recordings for numerous international record labels. He also works as a consultant, distributor and “evangelist” for several professional- and consumer audio manufacturers. Most noted brands are Data Conversion Systems (dCS since 1989), Merging Technologies (NADAC) and Avalon Acoustics loudspeakers.

Bert has been making High Resolution recordings since 1996, starting initially with the 24/96 formats (dCS + NAGRA-D) and then moving on to 24/192 and DSD (dCS+AUGAN OMX-24). He engineered the world’s first 24/192 recordings for Samsung in 1996. As a technical consultant he was responsible for the assembly and delivery of 3 first prototype 8 channel DSD recorders to Philips and worked together with their NATlab, dCS and AUGAN teams on the specifications. Hundreds of the first SACD releases that appeared in the early 2000's have been made with these systems. Bert specializes in acoustic recording techniques and has numerous award-winning recordings to his credit.

In 1997 he was a co-founder of the High-End Audio Label Turtle Records®, and from 2008 onwards he is the sole owner of Edison Production Company BV, which harbors Turtle Records® and its spin-off brand “The Spirit of Turtle”. The latter is a merging between Turtle Records® and HQ|NORTHSTAR branded recording productions.

Since 2015, Bert’s Edison Production Company BV have been distributing Merging Technologies’ NADAC products in the BENELUX and since 2017 also in Germany and Austria.