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Taylor Acoustic, renommierter Hersteller von handgefertigten Luxus-Lautsprechern, feiert heuer sein 20-jähriges Bestehen. Zu diesem Anlass brachte das Unternehmen zwei neue High End-Lautsprecher, den "Classic 90" und den "Concert 120" auf den Markt, die auf den klangBildern dem Publikum präsentiert werden, so dass sich jeder mit eigenen Ohren von der herausragenden Qualität der Produkte überzeugen kann.

The Taylor Acoustic brand is well known by the musicians, studio engineers and upper-class high-end fanatics for manufacturing and constantly developing complete and aligned high-end audio solutions for the past 20 years. All their components (loudspeakers, cables, DAC’s, amplifiers, turntables, etc.) are handmade in limited small series and are individually hand-tuned by their owner-developer, David T. Taylor, who – like Stradivari – has a very sensitive hearing and tunes each and every component until he is personally satisfied with the result. This makes the sound experience of Taylor Acoustic inimitable and provides unique genuine dynamics even at a low volume (at 2-5 Watts in small spaces (20-40 sqm), and at 10-20 Watts in larger spaces (80-150 sqm)).

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By listening to the Taylor Acoustic sound reproduction systems the listeners get a real emotional body response, like goosebumps or tears, that they usually experience at unplugged live music performances only. The dynamics, emotions and colours of live music are present at all points of the listening space, not just at the top of the musical triangle, even if music is played from a CD player, which distinguishes Taylor Acoustic from other high-end audio brands.

For their 20th anniversary, Taylor Acoustic has introduced two new high-end loudspeakers, which they will showcase at Klangbilder: Concert 120 and Classic 90 (with a tuned stand, Reference version).

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Concert 120 Reference

Following last year’s highly successul introduction of the Taylor Acoustic Concert 300 Reference loudspeaker at High End 2017, Taylor Acoustic introduced their new loudspeaker, Concert 120 Reference at High End 2018 in Munich. The Concert 120 Reference is an elegant, medium sized monitor loudspeaker that is manufactured with a specially aligned tuned stand. Its cabinet is made of solid white birch wood, and customised to the customers’ taste with cashew, walnut or rosewood finish. This loudspeaker is suitable for listening spaces of 20-120 sqm, like living rooms or small staged clubs or theatres. Despite its medium size, the sound of the Concert 120 Reference is full of power, with a very natural tonal accuracy and contrast. Even when church organ is played from a record, it reflects its basses like a large tower loudspeaker. Strings sound playful and very delicate, and the listener can distinguish each musicians’ performance together with their positions on the stage, while the composition stays in harmony. The highs are soft and smooth, the basses are rich, sonorous and well defined. The vocals are heartwarmingly beautiful and realistic.

Technical details:

Size: 45cm / 113 cm (120 Ref.) (H) x24 cm (W) x 31 cm (D)

System: Two-way, tuned system


Recommended: 2-5 Watts

Maximum: 60-120 Watts

Impedance: 8 Ω

Frequency range: 37 - 28.000 Hz

Sensitivity: 86 Db

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Classic 90 Reference

"Classic 90 is the smallest monitor loudspeaker in Taylor Acoustic's product range (with a tuned stand, its called Reference version).

It is like the Cayenne pepper - despite its size, it is hot, lively and full of dynamics and energy. It gives the listener the calmness of the sound of the tower loudspeakers with its full bodied sound character. Its very deep and energetic bass has suprised many listeners and journalists even when it was driven by low volume. It reflects all music genres in a very balanced and relaxed way, and its listener becomes more and more relaxed with the time spent listening to Concert 90. This loudspeaker is suitable for listening spaces of 12-90 sqm, like living rooms, or music/TV rooms. It is a must hear for every music lovers."