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Das High-end Audio Unternehmen entwickelt audiophile Kopfhörer und Ohrhörer der Premiumklasse, die sich durch ihr zeitloses Design, reinen Komfort und naturgetreue Klangwiedergabe einen Namen gemacht haben.

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Empyrean, the first Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphone, is both a sophisticated piece of design, and one of the most technologically innovative planar magnetic headphones.

A blend of premium materials, exquisite craftsmanship and detailing that’s unmistakably Meze, Empyrean is a timeless statement of Hi-Fi. On this project, Meze Audio collaborated with Rinaro Isodynamics - a progressive audio company with over 30 years of research and development experience in the field - who created the MZ3 driver exclusively for Empyrean, the resulting technology being one of the lightest and most advance planar magnetic drivers on the market.

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RAI Penta

Born from our pledge of “no compromise” audio and timeless design, RAI Penta is a TOTL In-Ear Monitor. With 2 x dual BA’s and 1 x 10 mm Dynamic driver, harmoniously completing each other, RAI Penta is all about natural tonality. A balanced sound signature with impeccable details provide unrivaled realism all across the wide frequency range, from 5Hz to 44 kHz.

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99 Classics

Even the pickiest of audio lovers will find that the Meze 99 Classics deliver. CNC carved wood ear cups, cast zinc alloy hardware with electroplated coating, stamped manganese spring steel headband, memory foam and soft PU leather are the materials your hands always enjoyed touching. Those arch in the fluid, organic shape on which the eyes unconsciously rest.

Selbst die wählerischsten Audio-Liebhaber finden, dass die Meze 99 Classics überzeugt. CNC gefräste Holzschalen, zinklegierte Metall-Teile mit galvanisiertem Überzug, gestempeltes Manganstahl-Kopfband, Memoryschaum und weiches PU-Leder sind die Materialien, die lhre Hände immer fühlen dürfen. Diese fliessen in einer organischen Form zusammen, auf der lhre Augen unbewusst ruhen.

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99 NEO

The Meze 99 Neo, an all black variation of the Meze 99 Classics, promises to deliver the same audio quality as the 99 Classics. The Meze 99 Neo offers the same specs as the 99 Classics, except for the ABS ear cups. The same sound signature and the same audio quality with an subtle, edgy, twist to the looks.

Der Meze 99 Neo, eine schwarze Variation des Meze 99 Classics, verspricht die gleiche Klangqualität wie der 99 Classics zu liefern. Der Meze 99 Neo bietet die gleichen Spezifikationen wie der 99 Classics, mit Ausnahme der ABS-Hörmuscheln. Die gleiche Tonsignatur, die gleiche Audioqualität, zu einem attraktiven Preis.