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Taylor Acoustic stellt heuer gemeinsam mit Hanzel Audio Sound, dem authorisierten Distributor für Österreich und die Slowakei, aus.

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The Taylor Acoustic brand is well known by musicians, studio engineers and upperclass high-end fanatics for manufacturing and constantly developing complete and aligned high-end audio solutions for the past 21 years. All their components (loudspeakers, cables, DAC’s, amplifiers, turntables, etc.) are handmade in limited small series and are individually handtuned by their owner-developer, David T. Taylor, who – like Stradivari – ear-tunes each and every component until he is personally satisfied with the result. This makes the sound experience of Taylor Acoustic inimitable and their products provide unique genuine dynamics even at a low volume (at 2-5 Watts in small spaces (20-40 sqm), and at 10-20 Watts in larger spaces (80-300 sqm)).

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By listening to the Taylor Acoustic sound reproduction systems the listeners get a real emotional body response, like goosebumps or tears, which they usually experience at unplugged live music performances only. The dynamics, emotions and colours of live music are present at all points of the listening space, not just at the top of the musical triangle - even when music is played from a digital source - which distinguishes Taylor Acoustic from other high-end audio brands.

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Paganini IV

As a special surprise for the 20th anniversary of Klangbilder, Taylor Acoustic introduces their flagship high-end loudspeaker, Paganini IV with a brand new design and a further detailed outstanding listening experience.

With the new design, the details and emotional dynamics of music listening have been raised to a completely new dimension. Old recordings from the 1950's-60's, and even average quality recordings reveal their undiscovered details and provide an enjoyable listening experience. We recommend this model in rooms of 20-300 sqm.

Paganini IV - like the maestro whose name it is bearing - plays music with an immense intensity, passion and depth in all points of the the listening space. Paganini IV is more than a loudspeaker, it is a masterpiece that brings you live music from soul to soul.

Technical details:

Size 128x28x38 cm
Weight 47 kg
Recommended 2–4 W
Maximum 180–250 W
System 3-way, tuned
Impedance 4-8 Ω
Frequency range 19 – 41.500 Hz
Sensitivity 93 dB