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To the Future of Musical Reproduction

Total sound quality without compromise.

This has been Esoteric’s core philosophy since its birth in 1987. Now this zeal for excellence extends to the highest quality in music streaming, pushing Esoteric to develop a new network audio player — one that offers listeners supreme ease in their musical enjoyment.

From DSD high-resolution masters to reacquaintances with old classics lying hidden for years in a corner of your CD library, all can be instantly accessed from your giant music library, and all from the comfort of your listening seat.

Passion and pride invested in advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship support high quality you can rely on.

Let the N-05 bring you closer still to the music you love, and lead you to a more complete sense of musical enjoyment.

Onward to the future of musical reproduction.


ESOTERIC is proud to introduce a network audio player, model N-05.

N-05 has the highest level of sound quality by being infused with the very essence of our flagship Grandioso D/A converter, clock, and analog audio technologies. High res music file playback can be operated by highly sophisticated iPad App, ‘ESOTERIC Sound Stream’. The system also equipped with several digital inputs including USB port.


‘ESOTERIC Sound Stream’ iPad App

  • Highly sophisticated operational feel and user-friendly interface
  • Music file playback from NAS, using large screen iPad should provide user a very easy operation.
  • Album artwork images are stored on App’s cache for faster, stress-free browsing.
  • Easy song selecting - many tag information shown on App.
  • Native file playback capability up to DSD 2.8/5.6, PCM 384kHz/32bit
  • Supporting file formats; DSF, DSDIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC
  • Gap-less playback (all loss-less file formats)
  • ‘OpenHome’ Protocol (On-Device Playlists)
  • Streaming service playback (TIDAL, etc.) *TBA


High quality Dual-mono D/A converter

  • Highly acclaimed D/A converter technology shared with K series SACD players
  • Parallel-differential 4 DACs / channel, Dual-mono configuration
  • AK4490 32 bit high end premium DAC chipset by AKM
  • 500,000uF EDLC Super Caps for DAC power supply
  • 34 bit D/A Processing (PAT. P)
  • ESOTERIC-HCLD Type 2 output buffer
  • Large, high precision VCXO clock (+/- 0.5ppm)
  • High res digital inputs (Coax, Opt); DSD2.8, PCM 192kHz/24bit
  • USB input; DSD11.2, PCM 384kHz/32bit, Asynchronous
F-03A_front_cover_close4.jpg F-05_front4.jpg

F-03A/F-05 Verstärker


The F series is a new generation of integrated amplifier line, built on the technological enhancements of our flagship ‘Grandioso’ line - a series that has the most advanced, pure analogue amplification technology available today.


As a series of fully-integrated amplifier, new F series were designed to focus on amplifier’s fundamental elements, bringing the most out of the basic integrated amplifier format. From its fully-balanced buffered preamp, powerful dual mono amplifier modules, extremely substantial power supply, to its fully dual-monaural signal path – every single aspect of the design is purely essential to reproduce uncompromising sound.

F series were also designed to have various functions to provide owners to fine-tune the system easily or provide capability of further upgrading the system by adding external devices such as DAC board OP-DAC1 (DSD11.2MHz), C series preamps or S series power amplifiers.


  • Technological enhancements were distilled from Grandioso C1 preamp
  • Fully-balanced, dual-monaural preamp with buffered output
  • QVCS volume control (x4 precision switched resistor ladder networks)
  • Dual-mono on-board phonostage / dedicated power supply
  • Ultra-low noise logic control circuit, isolated from preamp module
  • Knobs with ball-bearing spindle – solid and precise operational feel
  • High power headphone amplifier fully drives any types of headphones
  • 3 band tone controls (treble / middle / bass) and a bypass switch
  • Each band of the tone controls has x4 circuits (fully-balanced,
  • dual-monaural configuration)
  • Treble:14kHz / middle: 630Hz / bass: 63Hz, +/-12dB (0.5dB step)


  • Grandioso technologies were applied to all circuits and component
  • selection
  • F-03A: Class A, 30 Watt (8 ohms) , 60 Watt (4 ohms)
  • F-05: 120 Watt (8 ohms), 240 Watt (4 ohms)
  • Balanced input stage
  • 940VA EI core power supply with dual-mono regulators (40,000μF x 2)
  • Extremely powerful 34 Ampere (peak) / 17 Ampere (continuous) Bipolar LAPT transistors
  • Simple and clean, triple stage Darlington drive stage (3-pararel push-pull)
  • LIDSC (Low Impedance Drive Stage Coupling) circuit delivers maximum amplitude within power supply voltage, and very low distortion
  • Minimum amount of NFB delivers natural, dynamic sound


  • Extra-solid, substantial chassis construction (total weight: 32kg)
  • F-03A: spike-cup-integral feet (Patent: 4075477 JP)
  • F-05: Solid machined-steel feet
  • XLR/RCA output (preamp out or recording out is selectable)
  • External preamp input (XLR)
  • Integrated mode / preamp mode / power amp mode is selectable
  • Option board slot x1
  • OP-DAC1 D/A converter board (option ) (3 digital inputs incl. USB - DSD11.2MHz, PCM 384kHz/32bit)
  • Organic EL display (large font / small font setting is selectable)
  • x2 speaker output terminals (A, B, or A+B)
  • Input gain trim (+/- 18dB, 0.5dB step)
  • L/R level balance
  • Phase invert function can be set for each input device
  • AV-through output (volume bypass) function
  • Aluminum remote controller w/ SACD player controller keys
  • Input device names are programmable using remote controller
  • Mute / dimmer / display auto off functions
  • External dimensions: 445×191×468mm / Weight : 32kg
140430_ESOTERIC_K-03x-001.jpg leerzeile 140430_ESOTERIC_K-03x_frontcutout-001.jpg 140430_ESOTERIC_K-01,03x_rear-001.jpg irgendwas.jpg

Taking Sound to the X Dimension

X is the unknown. “X” in a model name symbolizes the ultimate advancements of technology, craftsmanship and creative commitment.

The K-01 and K-03 have won high acclaim as leaders of Esoteric’s line of all-in-one Super Audio CD players, and their extraordinary ability to reproduce the essential qualities of a musical performance continues to enthrall listeners to this day.

Now, a new “X” inherits that solid pedigree and further refines these qualities in the new K-01X and K-03X Super Audio CD players. Concentrated beauty in an all-in-one form is a hallmark of Esoteric’s flagship Grandioso models. The philosophy and technologies found in these high-end digital players reveal a new dimension of sound appreciation unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

K01X/K03X Super Audio CD/CD Player

High-Bit D/A Processing With Outstanding Powers of Musical Expression

Both the K-01X and K-03X combine multiple 32-bit DAC chipsets and utilize a high-bit D/A processing algorithm to convert the PCM signal to analog at a high resolution in excess of 32 bits. The K-01X supports 35-bit processing and the K-03X 34-bit processing. 35-bit processing achieves an astounding resolution that is fully 2,048 times that of 24-bit processing (34-bit processing being 1,024 times that of 24-bit processing). In the digital range, full advantage is taken of high-bit data gradation to minimize calculation errors and provide faithful conversion to analog, thereby attaining outstanding powers of expression with even extremely small music signals.

Esoteric-HCLD* : Esoteric’s Proprietary Current-Enhancing Output Buffer Circuit.

The ability to produce comparatively large currents and highslew rates are two of the most important factors to enable an analog output circuit to accurately transmit the wide dynamic range of a music signal without degradation. To obtain the ultimate performance, the K-01X employs the same Esoteric-HCLD buffer amplifier circuitry found in the Grandioso D1. Two of these buffer circuits are employed per channel. Their high output current capacity and exceptionally fast slew rate (2000V/s) provide an indication of their excellent response speed. By configuring them differentially to drive the XLR outputs and in parallel to drive the RCA outputs, the instantaneous output current available is maximized. The Esoteric-HCLD circuitry enables the K-01X and K-03X to recreate the full dynamism of music with a sense of realism that will take your breath away.

*HCLD = High Current Line Driver

Comprehensive D/D Conversion Compatible with Wide Range of Sources.

In addition to playback at the original sampling frequency, 2X, 4X and 8X up-conversion of the PCM digital signal is also provided. A range of D/D conversion modes are also available for the PCM format, such as PCM-to-DSD conversion.

Four Types of Digital Filters and a Filter OFF Mode

Four types of digital filter can be freely selected for PCM signal processing. Besides two FIR digital filters, which have an established reputation for providing outstanding sound quality, two types of short delay digital filters are also included for a more precise and natural sound. All four digital filters for both PCM and DSD can be bypassed by selecting the Digital Filter Off mode.

Digital Inputs Support DSD (DoP format) and High-Res PCM

Three digital inputs (USB, coaxial, and optical) enable connection to a wide range of systems. Coaxial and optical inputs support DSD in DoP format and high-resolution PCM of up to 192 kHz/24-bit.

USB Support for 2.5/5.6 MHz DSD, 384 kHz/32-bit PCM, and Asynchronous Transmission

The USB input supports asynchronous transmission and rates up to 2.8/5.6 MHz DSD and 384 kHz/32-bit PCM. Esoteric’s original PC driver software achieves outstanding playback of even studio-master-quality source files. DoP and ASIO 2.1 are also supported.

*ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

**Mac supports the standard driver DoP format only.

High-Precision VCXO Clock

Often considered the heart of a digital player, the clock circuit supplies a highaccuracy reference clock signal to the digital circuitry. Its voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) was originally developed for the Grandioso P1/D1 in a joint effort with Nihon Dempa Kogyo (NDK), a major manufacturer of crystal oscillators. As a high-precision custom clock worthy of the world’s leading equipment, this circuit ensures exceptional sound playback quality thanks to an exceptionally large crystal element with excellent center accuracy (±0.5 ppm*) and extremely low levels of phase noise.

(*at time of shipping)

Clock Sync Function for Synchronization with External Devices

Connecting the unit to a high-precision master clock generator (G-01, G-02) allows synchronization of the unit’s operation with an external clock signal, thereby enabling the sound quality of the system to be upgraded. Input frequencies are 44.1/88.2/176.4 kHz, as well as 10 MHz and 22 MHz direct master clock linkage.* Synchronization with external clocks is also supported when the USB input is used.

*When an external clock generator is connected, its signal is also used to clock the D/A converter, bypassing the internal PLL circuit and providing higher precision D/A conversion.

Output Modes

The analog audio outputs can be switched between RCA, XLR, and OFF. Hot 2 or Hot 3 XLR pin assignments can also be selected.

Support for Future System Upgrades

RCA (S/PDIF) or XLR (AES/EBU) digital outputs are provided. These allow to player’s performance to be upgraded by the addition of a top-end Esoteric D/A converter.

*This circuit can be turned off when digital output is not in use.

Chassis Construction and Parts Layout

The VRDS-NEO transport mechanism is positioned in the center of the unit, directly attached to the 5 mm-thick steel chassis bottom, and is supported at three points by Esoteric’s proprietary pinpoint feet (Patent No. 4075477) to effectively suppress the effects of vibration on the turntable mechanism. The chassis interior features a double-deck construction with five compartments. Each circuit block is isolated within its own compartment to minimize interference between circuits. Two separate audio boards for each channel are positioned nearest the rear terminals. The audio power circuitry and power transformers are also isolated from the audio boards, and the power supply wiring has been made as short as possible to minimize the influence of magnetic flux leakage, vibration, and the like.

The K-01X features four large-capacity toroidal transformers: one for each of the two built-in monaural D/A converters, one for the audio circuitry, and one for the VS-DD spindle servo driver. The K-03X is equipped with two large-capacity toroidal transformers : one for the analog circuitry and the other for the digital/mechanism drive circuitry. This design provides ideal power supply capability to all circuit blocks without interference.


Compatible Disc Types (Playback)

Super Audio CD, CD (including CD-R and CD-RW)

Analog Audio Outputs

  • Connectors XLR connector (2ch) ×1; RCA connector (2ch) ×1
  • Output impedance XLR:40 ohms ; RCA :10 ohms
  • Maximum output level (1kHz, full-scale, into 10k ohms)
  • XLR: 4.8Vrms RCA: 2.4Vrms
  • Frequency response** 5Hz to 40kHz (-3dB)
  • S/N ratio** K-01X :117dB ; K-03X :116dB
  • Total harmonic distortion** K-01X : 0.0006%(1kHz) ; K-03X : 0.001% (1kHz)

*Output level drops 3dB for DSD data playback when DSD Filter is off.

**Super Audio CD, XLR analog output

Digital Audio Output

  • XLR connector ×1 3 Vp-p (into 110 ohms)
  • RCA connector ×1 0.5 Vp-p (into 75 ohms)

Digital Audio Input

  • RCA connector ×1 (input impedance 75 ohms)
  • 0.5 Vp-p
  • Optical digital connector ×1 -24.0 to -14.5dBm peak
  • USB-B connector USB 2.0 standard

Clock Sync Input Format

  • Connector BNC
  • Supported input frequencies (±15ppm)
  • 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz,
  • 10, 22.5792, 24.576MHz
  • Input impedance 75 ohms
  • Input level Rectangle wave: equivalent to TTL levels;
  • Sine wave: 0.5 to 1.0 Vrms (50 to 75 ohms)


  • Power supply AC 230V, 50Hz ; AC 120V, 60Hz ; AC 220V, 60Hz
  • Power consumption K-01X:27W ; K-03X :25W
  • External dimensions (W x H x D, including protrusions)
  • 445 ×162 × 438mm (17 1/4 × 6 3/8 × 13 1/4in)
  • Weight K-01X: 31kg (68 3/8 lbs) ; K-03X : 28kg (61 3/4 lbs)

Included accessories

  • Power cord set ×1; Remote control (K-01X:RC-1315 ; K-03X:RC-1301) ×1;
  • Batteries for remote control (AAA) × 2 ; Felt pads × 3;
  • Owner's manual × 1; Warranty card × 1